All You Need to Know About the Best Fillet Knife in Kitchen Utensils

Actually, I am a busy woman and I do not have enough time for home cooking. My children want to try fish fillets because they get bored with pork and beef, I decide to cook a delicious meal.

The first thing I need to do is to find a recipe. I have to read some recipes in cookbooks. I am curious about what is a chicken base and I decide to make this.

It is not difficult to follow the recipe and make your real dish. However, I recognize that I have needed to buy a fillet knife. Because in the chicken-base recipe, I need to remove chicken skin and I do not have any fillet knife! To be honest, I do not know how to choose a right knife. 

Then, I ask my friend who has many cooking experiences. She gives me some tips for finding the best fillet knife as there are many fillet knives available out there on the current market.

Well, I think I should do my homework before buying the right one. Here are a few tips from my friend and my own research that you can take a look. 

Reviews of the top 5 best fillet knife 2017 – 2018 on the market

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The top 5 picks for Stovetop Tea Kettles:

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin is made by J.A. Henckels. This is one the most reliable manufacturers about the cutlery industry from countries to the world.

The main material of the blade is high carbon stainless steel which is well-balanced, rust-resistant, stain-resistant, and secure. Furthermore, the knife has a great shape with high accuracy as well as highly stable in the blade. 

With this product, you do not only fillet fishes but also all kinds of meat which is a great alternative option for any chef’s knives. Thanks to the flexible blade, the knife is used for professional usage and standard purposes.

On the one hand, the handle is made from polypropylene which is solid, comfortable, and stable. You do not worry about the slipper and other possible accidents anymore.

With full of great features, Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin is rated the best fillet knife on the current market.


  • check
    Perfect knife for standard use and professional cooking performance
  • check
    Solid and flexible grip
  • check
    Sharp and well-balanced blade
  • check
    Safe dishwasher
  • check
    Great customer service
  • check
    Full warranty


  • Not use the knife to open a can
  • Not have a sheath

Wusthof Classic 7-inch fillet knife


Wusthof is a famous company that comes from German in the cutlery industry with attractive and well-deserved features in every knife.

Wusthof Classic is an extremely sharp knife, so you should wear protective gloves when filleting and cleaning fish.

The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel with stain-resistant metal. This blade is very flexible, solid to be able to fillet any kind of fishes. 

Additionally, you enable to cut chicken breasts, meats and fish, literally cuts like you are cutting butter. Do you want to trim fat and fillet fish skin? Use this knife and you will have an expected result. 

There is one different point in the design of this knife – the three rivets in the handle are made of synthetic material and fit on your hand perfectly.

Wusthof Classic also has a high-quality leather sheath so that it can protect the entire knife completely. Moreover, you enable to bring the product under any circumstances. Many customers rate this knife is the best fillet knife that everyone should have at least one in the knife set.


  • check
    Highly sharp blade
  • check
    Durable construction
  • check
    Excellent quality
  • check
    Ease of use and clean
  • check
    Great lifetime guaranty


  • Not durable material in the sheath
  • A little bit expensive

Buba Blade 7-inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife


The coating of the Buba Blade is titanium material with a non-stick surface, this knife is rust-resistant and smooth at once simultaneously. So, meat and fishes enable to slide in its surface easily without any problem.

The knife has a thick bolster with both thumb and forefinger rests that protects you from potential accidents.

Thanks to the thin blade, it can go through string meat of a fish, beef or chicken accurately and smoothly. 

Sometimes, you need to get some heat on the knife because of the indeed recipes. It also will not have any problem from a trigger handle like Buba Blade Tapered Flex. 

If you want to have a balanced knife which will not rust, this knife is the best fillet knife for your needs. 

On the flip side, the blade has 7 inches and the handle has 6 inches to help you feel comfortable to control the entire knife. 


  • check
    Sharp edge
  • check
    Smooth fillet processing
  • check
    Perfect work on small fishes
  • check
    Ease of use


  • A little large handle for small hands
  • Not great customer service

Shun DM 0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet (6 inches)


If you want to purchase a Japan fillet knife, you should look for Shun DM 0743 Classic Gokujo. This is a traditional Japanese-style knife with an excellent quality.

Although the blade has 6 inches only, you still fillet and bond the fish completely. This product is made in Japan with 33 layers of stainless steel, so the durability factor absolutely increases when it comes from Japan product. 

The handle is inbuilt from Pakkawood which has a D-shape to boost the comfort when using in long hours. 

You might like the appearance of this product as it has the Damascus style like a fillet knife for professional chefs. 


  • check
    Strong and impressive three levels of steel
  • check
    Lifetime warranty
  • check
    Ideal usage for high accuracy
  • check
    Sharp edge
  • check
    Rust-resistant blade


  • Should wash by hand only
  • Short blade

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife


All products of the American Angler are made by fishermen. Thanks to their help, the company tries to create products that can meet the requirement and needs of all customers. And that is exactly what they have done with the American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife.

This is the best fillet knife which you should buy from the latest market as it is two times stronger than other electric knives as compared. Thanks to a heavy engine, the knife can fillet fish and meat clearly and easily like a gentle wind.


Additionally, this knife is suitable for a wide variety of blades that you enable to buy one or many blades indeed. To use this knife, you need to plug with an 8-foot power cord that has along with the purchase before pressing. The knife will begin the fillet processing automatically.


  • check
    Ease of use and control
  • check
    Good engine
  • check
    Long power cord for flexible plugging in
  • check
    Extremely sharp blade
  • check
    Solid handle


  • Not durable button
  • A little weird handle to hold
  • A little warm on the handle when using long hours

Some factors to take into account before buying the best fillet knife

To choose the best fillet knife, you should consider some major factors before making your right knife. 

Materials of the handle

There are four major materials of the handle in a fillet knife that you should come across. I have already made my comparison table to know which materials are the best for the handle. I might choose the rubber and the wooden handles because I focus on the slippery-resistant and smell factor only. 






Slippery resistance

It might be slippery

It is probably less slippery than wooden.

This is the best slippery-resistant material. 

It is less slippery than rubber.


Low-quality wooden handles can leave bad smell even if you have already washed. 

Odor might have in the seams of the handle. 

You can wash the knife and remove bad smell easily. However, odors might leave in the handle. 

You enable to clean the knife easily without leaving a bad smell. 


The handles do not have many colors.

The handles have different colors to choose. However, they are the best ones for raw fishes only. 

Rubber handles also have many colors, but they are ideal for raw fishes too. 

You do not have many color options.

Size and length

Size and length of the blade also play a key role to make the high-quality fillet knife. For me, I will estimate how big or small of a fish or any kind of food before choosing a knife. 

If I am not sure about this point, then I could choose a medium-sized knife or I will choose all knives with different dimensions. If I need to fillet a large salmon, I will select a big-size knife to do this task.

  • check
    Small size: from 2 to 4 (inches)
  • check
    Medium size: from 5 to 6 (inches)
  • check
    Large size: from 7 to 9 (inches)

Materials of the blade

The best materials of the blade are stainless steel and high-carbon steel as they have highly slipper-resistant and corrosion-resistant as well. 

However, you should read many reviews from many buyers about the brand or the knife producers because some manufacturers will choose low-quality stainless steel to make the blade.

Types of fillet knives

Do you choose electric knives or manual ones? In fact, both fillet knives also are the best fillet knife with several benefits.

In general, electric knives will help you slice fast; especially when you have to fillet to a big fish. For those who do not master the right technique, these knives are the best choice. However, you will need to bring power sources if you want to carry electric knives. And the price of these knives is also quite expensive. 

Manual knives, on the one hand, they do not require power sources and the price range is reasonable for all users. Nonetheless, everything you need to control manual knives is mastering the fillet process.

The difference between fillet knives and boning ones

It is easy to think a fillet knife is a boning knife as their design has the similar appearance. Boning knives are used for removing bones in a fish or meat while fillet knives can be used for placing string meat and skin. 

When you find boning knives with flexible blades, they are probably filleted knives.

On the flip side, the blade of a fillet knife often curves upward while a boning knife has a straight blade. 

Thickness of the blade

When filleting bigger fishes, you should choose a knife with a thickness blade as you will fillet all string meats easily. If you undertake a smaller fish, the thinner blade is a smart choice to control the fillet processing. 


Like any knife, a filet knife is also dangerous if you do not pay attention to all safety points. When considering the best fillet knife, you should not ignore the safety factor of these. Furthermore, you should not lose your attention while filleting.


Flexibility is also a crucial point in a fillet knife that you need to stay focused on. A flexible knife will help you bend a little to do the job without much hassle. 

Overall, a shorter blade is more flexible to fillet than a longer one, but some blades are still longer with more flexible. Thus, you need to check the blade beforehand. 

How to choose a knife? You can see a video

Which fillet knife is the best for you?

For the first time using a fillet knife, my friend said that I should use an electric knife to have a better control. At that time, I used American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife.

This is a perfect knife set for beginners as this also includes some accessories. Thus, in my opinion, you should use it if you are not sure about the technique while filleting.

Once you have full of control, then you could go for a manual knife. For me, I have chosen Wusthof Classic for the best fillet knife today because I also need to make it as my chef’s knife. In other words, I used it to slice anything that I wanted to. 

Hope you liked this article! Please share your thoughts with us in the comment below!

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