The Best Pots And Pans For Daily Use

Every work that needs to be done effectively requires the right tools. A chef or homemaker needs to have the best pots and pans to be able to cook the best meals. Most people do not realize that the ease in preparing meals often depends on the type and quality of the pots and pans.

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Every Pot And Pan Has A Purpose

Each type of pots and pans has a specific purposes.

  • Non-stick Pans – For delicate food such as fish and food that requires less oil to cook.
  • Non-reactive Pans – For acidic food such as lemons or tomatoes (stainless steel, glass, enamel coated). Reactive pans (cast-iron and aluminum) will give acidic food an off color and flavor.

Cookware Material

To enable you to choose the best pots and pans, it is important that you are aware of the different materials they are made of. It will also help you make an educated choice if you know the advantages and disadvantages of each cookware material.

1. Stainless Steel

 This is the most common material for pots and pans.


  • Durable
  • Warp resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Non-reactive. Any type of food can be cooked in it.
  • Shiny
  • Inexpensive
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Poor transfer and distribution of heat
    Stainless steel becomes a good heat conductor when the inner core has a layer of either aluminum or copper.
  • Expensive but long lasting

2. Copper

Most commonly used cookware material by professional cooks and chefs. This material is often placed between the layers of other cookware materials such as stainless steel.


  • Excellent conductor of heat
  • Even cooking


  • Reactive to acidic food giving food a metallic taste.
  • Light colored food (e.g. eggs) tend to have grey streaks. This happens because some of the copper compounds mix with food.
  • Not suitable for everyday use.
  • Expensive
  • Needs constant polishing
    When copper is sandwiched between stainless steel, it becomes a good conductor of heat. It is safe to use because it now has a non-reactive layer.


Almost 50% of all cookware available are made from aluminum. This material is often placed with other cookware material, often with stainless steel.


  • Excellent conductor of heat
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Reactive to acidic food
  • Tends to warp when used in high heat leading to health concerns when used for a long time.
  • Easily dent when and scratch because it is a soft material
    When the surface of aluminum is treated with aluminum oxide (anodization), it no longer reacts with food and becomes scratch resistant. Anodized aluminum is far better than stainless steel. It is a good conductor of heat and becomes tough.

4. Cast Iron

This cookware material has been used for over a hundred years and has been handed down from generation to generation.


  • Very durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Even heat distribution
  • Good retention of heat
  • Evenly sears meat and fish.
  • Perfect for low temperature and long cooking times
  • Non-stick when seasoned well.


  • Heavy
  • Does not heat up fast
  • Reactive with food especially acidic food
  • Can rust if not cared well
  • Difficult to clean and needs high maintenance

Pure cast iron is still the best skillet material. When cast iron is coated with porcelain enamel (enameled cast iron), you will be able to get all the benefits of cast iron without the difficulties that comes with the raw type. It now becomes easy to clean and non-reactive.

Focusing On Handles And Lids

The handles and lids of the best pots and pans are as important as the materials the cookware are made of. Handles are either screwed, welded or riveted. Welded handles are done in different areas of the pots and pans to make sure they do not get off.

Riveted handles are better than screwed handles although food residue tends to remain on them. Both type of handles though are tough and do not get off.
It is important for handles to be heat resistant so you can hold the pots and pans even while cooking. Metal is a poor conductor of heat making it the best material for handles because they will remain cool.

Lids should be a perfect fit to the pots and pans to lock in moisture. Lids should also have handles that are heatproof. The best pots and pans have glass lids to make them ovenproof and to prevent the need of taking off the lid to check on cooking progress.

The top 5 picks for Stovetop Tea Kettles:

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Porcelain Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set, 12-Piece, Agave Blue


The interiors of this cookware has a PFOA-free nonstick coating. It comes in an aluminum construction. The exterior is made from durable hard enamel. This cookware comes in earth colors with a modern yet rustic design.

The double riveted handles are made from stainless steel. Handles are lined with rubber matching the color of the pots and pans for a comfortable grip even when hot. The lids are made of glass that are shatter-resistant.


  • Non-stick
  • Ideal for everyday cooking
  • Design and style are aesthetically attractive
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Flared rims for easy pouring of liquid


  • Thin aluminum layer that can easily warp. Extra care is needed.
  • Non-stick coating is not of good quality as it is prone to scratches
  • Not very durable because of the thinness of the cookware
  • Not dishwasher safe

Vremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set - Nonstick with Cooking Utensils - PTFE and PFOA Free Cookware

This non-stick cookware set includes 4 pots, 2 pans, 4 glass lids and 5 non-stick cooking utensils. The stock pot has a capacity of 5.3 quarts and the sauce pans are 1.1 and 1.5 quarts. These pots and pans can be used both in the stove top and oven.


These pots and pans are made from durable and high quality aluminum with thick non-stick coatings. The black kitchen utensils included are made of BPA free nylon.


  • Made from high grade aluminum for fast heat up
  • Non-stick coating allows less oil and fat cooking.
  • Ovenproof
  • PTFE and PFOA free making it very safe to use
  • Stay cool ergonomic handles
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


  • Glass lids are not very durable
  • Ovenproof only at low temperatures

T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Titanium 17 pieces Cookware Set


This cookware set is made of top quality hard anodized aluminum making it scratch resistant. It features the TechnoResist Anti-warp Base for even distribution of heat and it will not warp even when used in high heat cooking.

The interior has a non-stick coating with a textured pattern (just a design as in the interior is still flat) and the exterior has a satin finish. It comes with riveted handles and glass tempered lids that is a perfect fit to the pots and pans.


  • Made from hard anodized aluminum making it scratch resistant.
  • Superior PTFE based non-stick coating which is also PFOA free.
  • Features TechnoResist Anti-warp Base for even distribution of heat and to make the cookware warp free.
  • Fry pans have the unique Thermo-Spot which turns red when cookware has reached the pre-set temperature.
  • Secure riveted handles
  • Glass tempered lids
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not broiler-safe
  • Cannot be used in an induction cooker

Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set


The mid layer of this cookware set is made of pure aluminum for superior heat conductivity and the exterior is of brush 18/ 10 stainless steel for durability and for having no reaction even to acidic food.


Handles are also made of the same stainless steel/aluminum construction making it remain cool even when used in high heat cooking. Handles come with a thumb rest for an easy and comfortable grip. The cookware also comes with tapered rims for easy and mess-free pouring of liquid.
This cookware is ovenproof up to 5000F and is dishwasher safe.


  • Heats up fast and provides even heat distribution. When oil is added to the pre-heated cookware, sticking of food can be prevented.
  • The 18/10 stainless steel construction makes it corrosion resistant and durable.
  • Easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.
  • Aesthetically appealing because of its shiny finish.


  • Not stain-resistant. Which is a common disadvantage of stainless steel.
  • Lids are made of stainless steel so you will need to lift the lid to check on cooking progress.
  • The sizes of the pots and pans are not practical. They are either too small or too big

Cuisinart 66-17N Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized, 17 Piece Set

Since this cookware is made from hard anodized aluminum, it has a harder exterior than stainless steel which means it has a longer lifespan. The mid layer of this cookware set is made from pure aluminum making it a good conductor of heat.

The interior features a titanium reinforced Quantanium® non-stick coating. The contoured handles for easy grip are made from cast stainless steel making it heat resistant. The handles are riveted to the pots and pans making them sturdy.

The lids are made of heat resistant glass for easy viewing of the cooking process. The lids tightly lock to the pots and pans to prevent the escape of moisture.


  • Stay cool handles
  • Heats up fast
  • Easy to clean because of superior non-stick coating
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Each of the piece in the set are functional and have not been added only to add to the quantity.


  • Non-stick surface tends t peel off after some time
  • Easily gets scratched.
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Does not comes with a medium-sized pot


Having the right pots and pans can make cooking easy, fun, fast and efficient. Cookware sets can cost a fortune. It is, therefore, only right that you choose one that is of the right material and with a durable construction.

The best cookware set for me is the Cuisinart 66-17N Chef's Classic Non-Stick Hard Anodized, 17 Piece Set. It combines the best properties of stainless steel and aluminum. The pots and pans included in the set are of the right sizes.

Choosing the best pots and pans is easy. You just need to know what to look for in a cookware set.

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