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What To Serve With Chili: Enjoy Chili Like Never Before

Chili is one of the best comfort food in my family. On a cold winter night, we would often gather around the fireplace and enjoy a hot bowl of chili. The husband says that watching the Super Bowl is never complete without Chili. I say, a gathering of family and friends is also never complete without Chili. Chili is easy to prepare. You can even make it ahead of time, even a day before, and just reheat it. I have served Chili with a lot of other dishes but have always wondered if they complimented each other. So, here we, go, what to serve with Chili?


How To Make Cake Pops – 5 Basic Ways You Should Know

Simply put, cake pops are cake lollipops. You’ve seen them in birthday parties, baby showers, and Christmas parties, even in weddings. You can even send them as a present just like you would with flowers.

They come with cute and dainty designs depending on the theme of the event. Cake pops can be as simple as cake balls dipped in chocolate frosting or as intricate as having a customized shape and lot of details in the decoration. You can challenge your creativity and come up with cute little cake pops.