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How To Make Cake Pops – 5 Basic Ways You Should Know

Simply put, cake pops are cake lollipops. You’ve seen them in birthday parties, baby showers, and Christmas parties, even in weddings. You can even send them as a present just like you would with flowers.

They come with cute and dainty designs depending on the theme of the event. Cake pops can be as simple as cake balls dipped in chocolate frosting or as intricate as having a customized shape and lot of details in the decoration. You can challenge your creativity and come up with cute little cake pops.


What Goes With Chicken Salad? 5 Delicious Ideas

Whether fine, ground, shredded or chunky with onions and mixed with any other ingredients, almost everyone loves chicken salad. Everyone has her or his own favorite chicken salad recipe. I also have mine – a Classic Chicken Salad with onions, garlic, celery, mayonnaise and sometimes yogurt, too. I have tried a lot of Chicken Salad recipe variations (sandwiches or served with lettuce) and I loved almost all of them.

How To Make A Taco Shaped Cake: In 3 Easy Ways

Ever since my daughter turned 1 year old, I have always made her birthday cake. I would get ideas based on what her passion was for the year. For her first birthday, I made her a Barney designed cake. From her second to eleventh birthdays, I designed her cake based on what she was “crazy” about for that year. I did fairies, the Disney princesses, the carousel and Hello Kitty. I even made Barbie for her 11th birthday. For her 12th birthday, she specifically requested for a “grown-up” cake.