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What Does Sushi Taste Like If This Is Your First Try?

A few days ago, my friends and I had a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant. Since this is my first try, I was slightly curious about what does sushi taste like. Although I asked my friends to know better, all the answers are different.

At first, I was surprised. Later, I knew the reason. 

When it comes to the word “sushi,” lots of people think about raw fish or seafood on a piece of rice. To those who are afraid of eating something raw, sushi seems to be a disgusting food. 

However, the truth is due to they not quite knowing just what sushi is really is. 

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What Does Stemmed Mean? All You Need To Know About A Plant

You can eat vegetables every day and you probably hear the stem somewhere. You do not care about the stem or other parts of a plant. One day, your nephews or your nieces ask you What does stemmed mean, you do not know how to give them an exact answer.

If you receive the same question about parts of a plant, then you could come to the right place! In this article, we will help you have that proper answer and identify all parts of a plant as well. 

How To Measure Your Cups: What Is Half Of ⅔ cup?

One of the basic methods to cut your recipe is to decrease all ingredients by half, but how about half of your ⅔ cup? Well, it’s true that you have to ask yourself several times about how many tablespoons in ⅔ cup, right?

To know what is half of ⅔ cup or how to measure it, you need to multiply these fractions altogether. In other words, what we’re supposed to do here is to work out ½ (one-half) of ⅔ (two-thirds).


Why Do You Need to Know How Many Tablespoons in 2/3 Cup Quickly?

Are you aware that some cookbooks use liquid measures while others use dry measures? This is a nightmare if you do not have a solid understanding of these measurements. Because a final dish or cakes could not complete and it is quite awful to taste. Hence, this is the reason you should know the difference between dry measures and liquid ones, especially how many tablespoons in 2/3 cup.

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