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How Long Do Potatoes Last Before They Get Rotten Or Spoiled?

Potatoes are the number one most bought vegetables. First, they are relatively cheap. Second, they pack in a lot of nutritional value. Lastly, they can be cooked in a variety of ways. You can find potatoes at any time of the year.

There is not a day that McDonald’s does not have French fries. Potatoes have become a comfort food for us. I would love to stock up on potatoes but how long do potatoes last before they get rotten or spoiled? I do not want to end up with rotten potatoes. Neither do I want to serve my family with spoiled potatoes.


What Is Chicken Base? Facts Every Cook Needs To Know

Most chicken soup, stew, casserole, sauce and gravy recipes call for a chicken flavoring. Chicken base enhances the flavor of chicken dishes. Incidentally, so does chicken bouillon, broth and stock. I have cooked a good number of chicken dishes and each time a chicken base, bouillon, broth or stock is an ingredient.

Confusing though is the fact that some chicken dishes require a chicken base while some would require chicken broth, or stock or bouillon. I am pretty sure you too have the same observation. All of this chicken flavorings can be either home-made or bought in the supermarket.