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Top 10 Best Japanese Rice Cooker – 2017 Edition

In Japan and in most Asian countries, rice is as popular as bread is to the United States. It may sound weird because unlike bread, rice does not relatively have any taste. However, there are dishes though that cannot be enjoyed as much without rice. Japanese dishes like chicken teriyaki and Tempura are best enjoyed with steaming hot rice. Whether you are cooking whole grain rice, brown rice or Jasmine rice, the magic behind delicious rice is a Japanese Rice Cooker.

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What Is Chicken Base? Facts Every Cook Needs To Know

Most chicken soup, stew, casserole, sauce and gravy recipes call for a chicken flavoring. Chicken base enhances the flavor of chicken dishes. Incidentally, so does chicken bouillon, broth and stock. I have cooked a good number of chicken dishes and each time a chicken base, bouillon, broth or stock is an ingredient.

Confusing though is the fact that some chicken dishes require a chicken base while some would require chicken broth, or stock or bouillon. I am pretty sure you too have the same observation. All of this chicken flavorings can be either home-made or bought in the supermarket.