How Long Does Peanut Butter Last? – Get the Best Answer Ever

The foods and drinks have the certain expiry date. With the preferred foods, most people have tended to purchase the large numbers. The most common have to mention peanut butter that is often used to come with other foods, sandwich, vegetable, for example. 

But, similar to other canned foods, peanut butter also includes the preservatives. So, how long does peanut butter last? Once you find the answer to this question, you will use and find how to store it properly. Look at here!!!


How Long Does Peanut Butter Last? – Watch Out For Answers

How Long Does Peanut Butter Last? – Watch Out For Answers

If you use peanut butter for the meals in your day, it is certain that you want to know its storage dates. The answer will help you decide the numbers of the peanut butter jars to buy.

In general, there are two types of peanut butter – normal and natural. In there, once the peanut butter jar is opened to use, you will have how many days to utilize it. Right now, we will learn in a specific way.

Peanut Butter – Opened

In case your peanut butter jar is opened and placed in the pantry, you have just had 2-3 months to use. If you want to utilize for a longer period of time ~ 6-9 months, you can place it in your refrigerator. It sounds difficult to believe, but this is the fact. You can try.

Peanut Butter – Unopened

You do not open your peanut butter jars, do you? So, you can use them within 6-9 months if you store them in the pantry.

Natural Peanut Butter – Opened

In your opinion, the natural peanut butter is the first selection. So, you have to remember that you can only store it in the fridge after opening it. At that time, it enables you to use at least 5-6 months.

Natural Peanut Butter – Unopened

For natural peanut butter, its use time is shorter. Whether you have stored it in your fridge, you only have 3-6 months to use. If you place it in the pantry, the use time is from 2 to 3 months. 

There is not all that you might know about the shelf life of peanut butter. To know more, you can consider my table. Here is peanut butter expiration date.



Unopened smooth peanut butter

1 year to use

Opened smooth peanut butter

3-4 months

6-8 months

Unopened crunchy peanut butte

1 year to use

Opened homemade peanut butter


3-6 months

Opened crunchy peanut butter

3-4 months

6-8 months

Recognize Peanut Butter Is Spoiled, Rotten, or Bad

First of all, you need to make sure that you have practiced the food safety techniques. The purpose is to prevent the problems related to food poisoning.

For peanut butter, look at the sight, you can easily recognize that it has become worse or not. In particular, the texture will change. They become dry and hard once they go bad. Even, the color looks darker and there is not the pleasant aroma. And you ought to toss it when smelling rancid.

Apart from, you can recognize through the separation of oil. If the expiry date is still, this separation is natural. You can stir it back your peanut butter or pour it into a bowl to use for another purpose, fry anything you like, for example. In case the oil entirely separates with peanut butter, it means that it has become bad.

Extend the Shelf-Life of Peanut Butter

To keep your peanut butter longer, you should store it in your refrigerator as soon you open it to use. Of course, no problem if you place peanut butter in the pantry. After each use, you just need to store in a container. Remember to choose the container that is tightly closed and has the ability to keep moisture. 

It is noticed natural or homemade peanut butter. You should not place on the shelf. Due to lacking preservatives, it is perishable. Accordingly, you must store it in the fridge. At once, don’t utilize the used tools before if you do not want to occur cross-contamination.

Storing the foods properly will bring the healthy meals for you, avoid wasting, and minimize the risk of food poisoning.

Facts About Peanut Butter

  • According to a law in the U.S, all peanut butter products do not allow the amount of peanut under 90 percent.
  • To make a peanut butter jar ~ 12 ounces, you will need 540 peanuts.
  • Arachibutyrophobia is used to name for the fear of sticking peanut butter to the mouth.
  • Peanut butter is very beneficial if you use it for your daily meals and store it properly. Particularly, peanut butter is ideal for the weight-losing persons. It minimizes the risk of cancer, enhances the memory, prevent gallstones, and lowers type 2 diabetes.

Last Words:

How long do potatoes last? If you know an answer to this question, you will use potatoes better and avoid the potato poisoning. Similarly, you will likely utilize peanut butter more effectively after answering the question: How long does peanut butter last? 

All that you need and want to know have in my article. It hopes that they are useful for you.

Initially, determine the type of peanut butter – natural/ homemade or produced. Consider how to store. Remember the numbers of the use dates of peanut butter to make sure that you can use it before the expiry date. Keep these ones in mind! Surely, you can enjoy peanut butter in an optimal way. Good healthy!!!

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