The Best Convection Microwave For Your Kitchen

When you have a convection microwave, you have a microwave oven and a conventional oven. You will be able to do the fast and convenient microwave cooking and at the same time have an appliance to make your baking goodies and everything you cook in an oven.

Having two appliances in one compact unit makes a convection microwave ideal for small kitchens. The best convection microwaves have the best features of a microwave oven and can match the cooking functions of large conventional ovens.

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What Is Chicken Base? Facts Every Cook Needs To Know

Most chicken soup, stew, casserole, sauce and gravy recipes call for a chicken flavoring. Chicken base enhances the flavor of chicken dishes. Incidentally, so does chicken bouillon, broth and stock. I have cooked a good number of chicken dishes and each time a chicken base, bouillon, broth or stock is an ingredient.

Confusing though is the fact that some chicken dishes require a chicken base while some would require chicken broth, or stock or bouillon. I am pretty sure you too have the same observation. All of this chicken flavorings can be either home-made or bought in the supermarket.

How To Make A Taco Shaped Cake: In 3 Easy Ways

Ever since my daughter turned 1 year old, I have always made her birthday cake. I would get ideas based on what her passion was for the year. For her first birthday, I made her a Barney designed cake. From her second to eleventh birthdays, I designed her cake based on what she was “crazy” about for that year. I did fairies, the Disney princesses, the carousel and Hello Kitty. I even made Barbie for her 11th birthday. For her 12th birthday, she specifically requested for a “grown-up” cake.