What Do Beets Taste Like?

It is uncommon to see beets included on dishes and desserts in restaurant. Though it is known to provide incredible health benefits, people are still unsure of its taste. There are some rumors that beets have a dirt-like taste. Nonetheless, the taste of beets depends on how it was prepared.


It is understandable that most people have hesitation when it comes to utilizing beets in their dishes. With this, we shall be helping you gain knowledge on how to work with beets and how you can incorporate it in your daily meals.

Beets are normally used as a garnish and natural food coloring. As a vegetable, they are one of the underrated ingredients. This might be due to the reports that beet tastes like dirt. Nevertheless, there have been studies showing that it is not the actual beet vegetable that tastes like dirt.

The organic compound that is intertwined with the beet does. This compound is also known as Geosmin. It is not easily rinsed or removed in the vegetable. With this, it gives off a dirt-like smell which resembles that of watered soil.

How Can You Clean And Prepare Beets?

The staple pantry items of regular consumers do not normally include beets. They are hard to sell in the grocery as they tend to look unappealing with their color and tendrils. However, upon removing the outer skin layer, it presents a strong color which is great to use as natural food coloring and garnishes.

Here are some tips you want to consider when cleaning and preparing beets for dishes.

  • Tips 1 : Choose beets that are firm to the touch. Avoid getting beets that already has a spongy feel.Reference in selecting beets:
  • Tips 2 : Select beets with dark green leaves on top. This signifies that it is still of good quality and great for storage until it is ready to cook. You can store it in your fridge to keep it fresh.
  • Tips 3 : You may use a knife or a peeler to peel and slice the beets effectively. With this, you can fully work with the flesh of the beets.
  • Tips 4 : The taste of Geosmin can be eliminated by blanching the roots or cooking the vegetable in skillet with olive oil. You may throw in some herbs and spices to fully cover up the scent of it.

Cooking With Beets

The first thing to remember about cooking beets is to try to eliminate its smell and dirt-like taste. You can use creative means to cook it such as adding seasonings and preparing them properly.

It is a known fact that if you do not put effort in preparing a dish, it will not taste as good as it may look. If you just throw in a chicken inside a microwave, it will just suck out its juices and taste bland.

Moreover, it you chop up a good slice of beef, you will just waste its preciousness. With this, it is important to know what cook is best for your star ingredient.

In the case of beets, there are different cooking methods which will work with it.

Here are some ways you can cook beets.

1. Roasting
Roasting beets will aid you in making the flavor more concentrated. Moreover, it makes it sweeter by removing the dirt-like or earthy flavor. If you want your beets to be as tender as a potato when cooked, roasting is a great way to make beets less firm.

2. Boiling
The easiest way to cook beets is through boiling it. It is a fast and easy method to use to make the earthy flavor subdued. With this, it makes the vegetable ideal to serve with meat dishes. Furthermore, boiling allows the beet to have a softer texture.

3. Steaming
Another way to cook beets in a fast way is through steaming. We recommend you to use food steamers for best results. However, you need to wary of its taste when you decide to cook it this way. You may need to add a little coconut oil to remove the earthy taste.

4. Juicing
Beats provide a great addition to your shakes and smoothies. They do not only offer a good color but they are also packed with vitamins and nutrients. With this, you can use a juicing tool such as masticating juicer to get beet juice. Just add a couple of beet juice cups on your morning smoothies and you are good to go.

Herbs With Beets

Should you want to eliminate the dirt-like taste of beets, you can use herbs during preparation. With this, it is recommended to use a selection of herbs to offset the regular beet taste.

Here are a couple of them which you can use:

  • Basil – This herb is a great choice as it helps limit the strong taste of beet.
  • Chives – This gives a good complementary taste with beets. You may add it when you are boiling the vegetable as it subdues its flavor.
  • Thyme and rosemary – You can mix in these two herbs to create a stronger smell and flavor which can overpower the earthy flavor of beets.
  • Garlic clove, ginger, pepper, fennel and cumin – These are great seasoning which can also limit the strong flavor of beets. You can use best pepper mill to effectively pulverize the pepper and add more flavor to the dish.


It is important to know the preferred cooking methods of beets such as boiling, steaming and roasting. You can juice it and incorporate it on shakes, dishes and desserts. Moreover, you can also eliminate its flavor by adding herbs, spices and seasonings.

You should know that beets may have an earthy flavor but appropriate preparation can be done subdue this taste. With this, you can start preparing your meals with beets and gain advantage of its health benefits.

Do we share the same preference? Have you had better experiences with beets? Share with us some of your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you !

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