What Goes With Chicken Salad? 5 Delicious Ideas

Whether fine, ground, shredded or chunky with onions and mixed with any other ingredients, almost everyone loves chicken salad. Everyone has her or his own favorite chicken salad recipe. I also have mine – a Classic Chicken Salad with onions, garlic, celery, mayonnaise and sometimes yogurt, too. I have tried a lot of Chicken Salad recipe variations (sandwiches or served with lettuce) and I loved almost all of them.


Although I adore chicken salad and can have it for lunch or dinner at least three times a week, my family is not as passionate as I am with this salad dish. I was thinking of a side dish which could go well with chicken salad so my family could enjoy it with me. Thus, I started my search. What goes with chicken salad?

Basic Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken salad is chicken, ground, shredded or chunky, mayonnaise, onions and anything else you want to toss in it. Here is a basic Chicken Salad recipe.


  • 1 pound Chicken Breast, skinned
  • ¾ cup green onions, sliced
  • ​¾ cup Celery, chopped
  • ​¼ cup Parsley, finely chopped
  • ​1 cup Mayonnaise
  • ​Salt and Pepper to taste

Optional:  (for poaching the chicken)

  • ½ Piece Red Onions, sliced
  • 1 clove Garlic, minced
  • Fresh Thyme


  • Step 1: Fill a 3-quart saucepan with water. Add in the chicken breast and allow to boil. You can add in the optional ingredients for added aroma.
  • Step 2: After about 10 minutes turn off the fire. Check the chicken for doneness. At 1650F in the thermometer, the chicken should be done or if the chicken is all white.
  • Step 3: Drain chicken breast in a colander and allow to cool.
  • Step 4: Prepare the vegetables and measure the mayonnaise.
  • Step 5: When chicken is cool, ground, shred or cut in cubes (depends on your preference).
  • Step 6: Transfer chicken to a mixing bowl.
  • Step 7: Toss in the vegetables and mayonnaise.
  • Step 8: Season with salt and pepper.
  • Step 9: Stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  • Step 10: Serve in a bed of lettuce or in a sandwich.

Yield: 5 cups

Anything Goes with Chicken Salad

You can serve almost anything with Chicken Salad except something that is as creamy as Chicken Salad. It is, therefore, unwise to serve Potato Salad with Chicken Salad. A good Mixed Green Salad would be great, though. Fruits in season would also be an amazing side dish. However, if you want to serve something heavy with Chicken Salad, soups, crusty bread or chips would make a perfect side dish. You could also serve Chicken as a filling for whole grain bread, croissant and pita bread.


A hot bowl of soup always goes well with Chicken Salad. Chicken salad and soup and be served two ways. You can have the salad as your main dish and the soup on the side. You can also have chicken salad as a side dish for you piping hot soup. Whichever way, Chicken Salad and any hot soup always make a perfect combination.


Fruits can be served together with Chicken Salad or it can be an ingredient. When served together with Chicken salad, fruits strike a balance for healthy eating. If you are using mayonnaise that could count for a lot of calories, fruits can take the place of any other side to come up with a balanced calorie count.


Whole grain bread, biscuits or crackers can complete a Chicken Salad meal. Bread downplays the creamy flavor of Chicken Salad. It does not make it a heavy meal, too.


Chicken Salad is a versatile dish. It can also be a yummy filling for bread. Other than a chicken salad sandwich in bread, you can also have Chicken Salad with Croissant and Chicken Salad with Pita Bread. Chicken Salad is a good sandwich filling because after all it is chicken with mayonnaise.

Chips always go great with Chicken salad sandwich. The crunchiness of chips goes well with the creaminess of the salad. Chicken salad with chips sort of sets a relaxed mood. Nothing fancy, just chill time!

Chicken salad with croissant makes a very delicious breakfast. They are also great for lunch, snacks and dinner. Chicken salad always tops the list for the most delicious croissant sandwiches. The flakiness of this pastry compliments the rich creamy flavor of Chicken Salad.

Pita bread is a flatbread made of wheat flour that has only been moderately leavened. Stuff pita pockets with Chicken Salad and enjoy a sumptuous Chicken Salad meal. If you are health conscious, Pita bread is for you because it contains less fat. While making a sandwich requires 2 pieces of bread, making a pita sandwich only needs 1 Pita bread formed into a pocket and ready to be stuffed with Chicken Salad.


A lot of people love Chicken Salad either as a stand-alone dish or a sandwich filling. While Chicken Salad tastes so good, it could also be bad for your health. Chicken has a high protein and low sodium content. That’s good! But unfortunately chicken is also high in cholesterol. Not to mention mayonnaise which is also high in cholesterol and saturated fats. Chicken salad however can be made nutritious and healthy. Here is how to do it.

  • Substitute yogurt dressing for mayonnaise to bring down the fat and calories. You could also do ½ yogurt with ½ mayonnaise.
  • Lessen the amount of chicken.
  • ​Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • Spice up the flavor with a dash of the heart-friendly cayenne pepper.

Go for the healthy Chicken Salad so you can endlessly enjoy your well-loved Chicken Salad without guilt! Whether as a main dish, a side dish or a sandwich filling, Chicken Salad never ceases to delight the discriminating palette.

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