What To Serve With Chili: Enjoy Chili Like Never Before

Chili is one of the best comfort food in my family. On a cold winter night, we would often gather around the fireplace and enjoy a hot bowl of chili. The husband says that watching the Super Bowl is never complete without Chili. I say, a gathering of family and friends is also never complete without Chili. Chili is easy to prepare. You can even make it ahead of time, even a day before, and just reheat it. I have served Chili with a lot of other dishes but have always wondered if they complimented each other. So, here we, go, what to serve with Chili?

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Chili con Carne (chili with meat) or simply Chili as we commonly call it, is a thick soup made of ground beef with tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes, chili peppers, spices and often kidney beans. Most people add in some kidney beans. Chili ingredients may vary based on family traditions and geographical locations. Chili can be served as a stand-alone dish. It can also be served alongside some dishes or as an added “ingredient” to some dishes.

Chili Paired with Corn Chips:


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Any kind of corn chips will work great with Chili. You can eat the chips dipped in Chili. You can also opt to mix the corn chips in your Chili bowl. If you wish to have a change of flavor, you can have a spoonful of Chili then follow it with some corn chips.

Chili Paired with Rice:

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Some families enjoy eating Chili with rice. Rice is usually placed on a bowl and topped with the Chili soup.

Chili with a Variety of Toppings:

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To add a unique twist to Chili, you can serve it together with a variety of toppings. Your guest can choose which topping they wish to add to their bowl of Chili. Shredded cheese and Parmesan Cheese are the most common toppings. You can also add some fresh jalapeno pepper, white or green onions, red and bell peppers, fresh mushrooms and tomatoes. Small avocado pieces, olives and some Guacamole would also be perfect.

Chili Paired with Bread and Crackers:


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When you are having a bowl of hot Chili, it is like having soup. It is then obvious that Chili will taste great when taken with a slice or two of your favorite bread. In the Southern part of the country, they often have Chili with cornbread. Warm homemade bread is a perfect combination to Chili, but the ones at the local bakeshop or supermarket is just fine.

Toast the bread and serve it with a bowl of hot Chili. Nicely toasted garlic bread with butter and a sprinkle of herbs dipped in Chile is a palate’s delight. Crackers and biscuits are a good substitute for bread. Top crackers with some cheese or ham for added flavor. You can opt to mix some crackers in your bowl, serve it on the side or as a topping.

Chili Paired with Wine or Beer:

Chili always taste great with wine. A wine punch with some fruits is perfect or perhaps Sangria. Chili will also taste awesome with red wine. Try adding some tequila or lime in your margarita and serve it along with your Chili. The taste of fruity wine is the best compliment to the spicy taste of Chili.

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Have you ever wondered why men always want Chili when watching the Super Bowl or NBA games on TV? It’s because they want to have a bottle of beer to go with it. Ice-cold beer is a common buddy of Chili. If you have kids joining you, serve them some lemon ice tea with go with their Chili.

Chili as a Taco Filling:

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Level up your taco with a hearty filling of Chili. You can specially make Chili and make it as the filling. Most homeowners though use leftover Chili as taco filling.

Chili Atop Pasta:

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While Chile is best eaten hot from a bowl, serving it as a spaghetti and macaroni sauce makes it more interesting. To give Chile more texture and taste, you can mixed it already with the pasta and chill overnight. Topping the pasta with some corn kernels will add some color to the Chile. As a filling for Taco, the taste of the shell will

Sprinkle Chili on Salads:

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Salad is a versatile dish. You can almost mix anything with the greens. For a delicious taste, toss in some Chili on top of your green salad. Sprinkle some corn kernels for added flavor. For more flavor top with sliced onions and sour cream. The strong taste of Chili can be counteracted by the salad.

Prepare a Chili Bar:

If you want to cater to the varied taste of your guest, you can serve Chili with all the side dishes and toppings mentioned above and create a Chili Bar. Having a Chili Bar is the easiest way to have an instant party. Almost everyone loves a hot bowl of Chili so you will never go wrong with a Chili Bar. Serve hot Chili with everything that goes great with it. You can start with what has been mentioned above. Lay all of them on a buffet table and allow your guests to make their choice. Of course, the big bowl of Chili is your centerpiece. Don’t forget to add some condiments.


I have tried serving all the side dishes mentioned above with Chili. I have also served Chili as a pasta sauce and a taco filling. Of all the side dishes, my kids love Chili with corn chips garlic bread. My husband of course, loves his Chili with an ice-cold bottle of beer.

Me? I love to enjoy my hot bowl of Chili without anything else- just a cold glass of water! Have you served Chili with any other side dish other than the ones mentioned above? Share with us some of your thoughts in the comments section.

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